Set Up Your Brand New Home as an Interior Designer

diyHaving a new house requires plenty of research to fill it with furniture and all those items that you need, in order to make it your own. Sometimes this activity can be demanding, especially if you know nothing about the interior decorations. Because of this, you will surely need the help of an interior decorator, to help you choose the furniture and the details that will define your house.

However, hiring an interior decorator can be quite expensive, and it’s not always a certainty that your house will also look exactly the way you like it. The decorator might have experience, but he or she might also have a different view than yours, and this can lead to something entirely different than what you want.

Here are some tips on how to design your home as an interior decorator, which will be of a great help when you’ll consider decorating your place.

Get Ideas

Getting ideas is very simple, especially since you have available the online environment. There are plenty cu-as-diyof dedicated web sites that present you different wonderful ideas, and all you’ll have to do is choose something. You will find everything listed differently, all the ideas for one room gathered in a single place – a special section that offers you plenty of information. Print what you need, photos, lists of materials, DIY projects and make a map that you can study in some spare time. It will be a good opportunity to choose what you like and what you don’t.

Set a Budget

Yes, a budget is very important, because you have to know how much money you can spend on furniture, on accessories, art and other objects that you want to have inside your house. You can either use your savings, or you can use the credit card. Either way, you need to know what sum of money you have available on such a thing. However, doing everything for yourself will be a lot cheaper than hiring an interior decorator, so don’t need to worry too much about it.

Buy What You Need

You had the map of ideas, the ones that you have gathered from the internet. Once you have decided on something, and you also know the available budget, it’s time to start shopping. Start with the room you’ll need most – for example, the kitchen. You need there plenty of items – from the cabinets that are on the walls to the kitchen appliances. You can search online for best cabinets, utensils, kitchen faucets based on the users ratings and reviews.

header_logoBrowse the stores and find something similar to the ones from the photos that you have chosen. They don’t have to be identical, but similar, as this works too. Search for all that you need, but keep in mind that you can buy the items that you like. However, don’t deviate too much from the main idea of the room, as the result can be something else in the end.


Once you have everything available for one room, start decorating it. Assemble the furniture, install it, make sure everything closes and opens right, and get the carpets that you want and so on. This is the easiest part, but you might need some help in installing everything. In the end, even if the room doesn’t look exactly as the idea that you started from – it’s ok. There should be differences, as everything reflects your own preferences.

Bring the Nature Inside

design_shop_interior_designGreen is not only a color, but it also represents the nature at its purest form. If you want to improve your interior design, try a green space inside your house, especially if you live in an apartment, where a garden surely is not available.

The designers have declared this design the ultimate idea for interior decoration, as this can be fitted everywhere, no matter how big or small the available space is. A piece of personal garden will make your place wonderful and everyone will admire it.

Here is how you can have a vertical garden, in easy steps that anyone can follow.

The place

interior_designChoose a wall that is empty – it can be a corner of the house, not very big, or it can be an entire wall. This you can choose based on what you want to create – you can also have flowers, not only the usual ivy. If you have a balcony in your apartment, that spot is one of the ideal places where you can have the vertical garden – it will create a wonderful space where you can have a coffee or simply enjoy some good time.

brochure1Look Online

This is for finding some vertical garden ideas – look online and find pictures to see exactly how the vertical gardens look. Just so you know what to expect – a vertical garden is an entire wall or space, filled with plants and flowers that are specially arranged on a vertical area.

Find a Specialist

There are many interior designers who know how to create this kind of vertical garden. Don’t go ahead to the first one, but ask for a portfolio and see what their price is. This will usually vary, depending on the area that needs to be covered in plants. Also, make sure they design_iconcooperate with a good florist, as a flower-shop or a greenhouse is the place where they take the plants from.


Now that you have found a specialist, tell him exactly what you want. The designer will show you what the plants that they are working with are, and what kind of arrangements they can make, based on your available space. There are many options, and if you want something in particular, a green plant, something in a different color or some special flower, go ahead and ask. They should be able to find that plant. Apart from this, you also need to listen to the interior designer’s advice – he is the person that knows best how to do this.

Get Ready

Now you know where you want the vertical garden, you have the available money and you have also found decolabs_floorplana specialist to create it. All that you have to do now is make some room for them, when they will be there to work. They will be coming with many plants, special containers, soil for the plants and other equipment that they will be using.

Once you have the garden ready, all you have to do is take care of it. The designers will tell you all that you need to know about taking care of those, especially if they are rare, so ask them!